Proviron what is for, side effects, how to take anabolic steroid results and

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Proviron what is for, side effects, how to take the results

Read now everything you need to know about Proviron steroid (crafts) and get rid of all doubts so you don’t make mistakes and harm your health.

Proviron is an androgen -used drug in men who have hormonal deficiencies.

It is also used mainly by those who make gym and want to improve the effects of workouts.

This way it gets to be an anabolic steroid that complements hormones in the body.

In this article, we will detail everything about Proviron, from what it is and from what they benefit up to the benefits and side effects. Stay connected!

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A simple order for a medicine with one active ingredient for bodybuilding training

  • 1 What is it?
  • 2 What Proviron is used for??
  • 3 Proviron composition:
  • 4 functions
  • 5 4 possible benefits
  • 6 side effects
  • 7 How to take
  • 8 Reports on results

What is it

Proviron is the commercial name of this medicine that has been sold in the past by Schering Lab (today the company no longer sells the product).

The substance found in it is called meterolon and is also known in this way many people.

This anabolic steroid is a safer and safer option for those who are afraid to use something stronger and take greater risks of side effects.

This means that its action is softer than other anabolic steroids.

Even so, it is widely used for hypertrophy, for those who want to increase the training to generate a weaker mass and to maintain it.

This substance is used even by athletes of different ways to increase power and performance.

However, it is important to always note that drugs can act in the body in different ways.

Therefore its use, which is actually controlled in some developed countries, must be done with caution.

It is indicated that those who want to use are advised with a doctor first to track while using the medicine.

In addition, of course, this article serves as an initial guide so that the reader can have an idea of ​​how the effects of medicines are given and if they really want to use it.

What is provoron??

Its use is mainly to increase testosterone effect in the body.

This hormone is primarily responsible for the different body features, especially when we talk about the male body.

Although present in both men and women, it is stronger in the first.

This does not mean that women cannot use products that stimulate testosterone, although it is more unusual and side effects can be more unwanted, as we will see.

Testosterone, in the human body, ends up being one of the main responsible for increasing muscle mass.

That is why he is so coveted by those who work and looking for a perfect body by training.

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Proviron composition:

Proviron composition, as we have shown earlier, is a substance called meterolone.

Excipients present in each 25 mg tablet:

  • lactose;
  • starch;
  • Povidone;
  • magnesium stearate.

According to the product leaflet, it is specific to men, although, as already mentioned, some women get to use.

Also, depending on the label, the use for muscle development is contraindicated, therefore the need to talk to a doctor first.

This is due to the fact that some adverse effects may occur.

The most common is to find 25 mg tablets for sale in pharmacies.

In some countries this sale is in controlled use while in others it is easier to buy.


Anabolizing steroid steroids are often found that provide testosterone and are injectable.

In the case of Proviron this action takes place through the tablets. This has some implications.

First, the craftsmanlon has no effect as large as other injectables.

In some cases, they might take longer to appear and come in a period of soften.

However the benefits are quite relevant as we will see in detail below.

Among the main ones there are fewer side effects compared to other substances looking for such a goal.

The excellent indication of the product is its use by those who have a low natural androgen production.

In other words, for those who have their natural affected hormone production, which can happen especially at more advanced ages.

4 possible benefits

Generally Proviron goals are closely linked to the hormonal problem.

This happens for a very clear reason because your goal. is exactly to provide more testosterone for those who are deficient.

1. Improve the formation capacity:

Mesterolon makes the gain of muscle masses accentuated even faster, due to the stimulant of testosterone growth.

2. Replacement of hormones:

For people who have hormonal problems, it is an important tool to avoid problems such as erectile dysfunction, this being one of its main uses.

3. Fewer side effects:

There are fewer side effects compared to other anabolic.

In addition, it is administered on the tablet, which is especially useful for those who have suffered injections.

4. Cost:

Unlike other anabolic compounds, it has a low cost, which can be a differential when it comes to choice.

Side effects

As with any medicine, some unwanted side effects may occur.

Especially if you do not follow the indications and end the dose exaggeration. The doses higher than the indicated ones present only problems.

  • Frequent and unwanted erections;
  • Can damage the cardiovascular system;
  • It can be harmful to the liver and kidneys;
  • Voices can become thicker in women;
  • Hair hair can tend to grow more;
  • Gynecomastia (abnormal breast growth);
  • High pressure;
  • The retention of fluids;
  • Skin problems such as acne;
  • Hair loss;
  • irritability;
  • headache.

How to take

Since there are more problems with Proviron, a single doctor will know for sure what dose should be used per day. Even for those who want to use muscle masses, this is indicated.

Even so, there are more or fewer doses to be taken when it comes to empowering the training.

They range from 50 mg to 150 mg, provided you are not in the contraindications group. It is possible that the effects may take a while.

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With this, it is clear that Proviron or Mesterolone is a drug that uses hormonal replacement but ending by being used by those who want to add weak masses and.

It is worth remembering which steroids like this, has its sale forbidden for aesthetic purposes.

It is important to follow the indications of use and to know all the benefits and adverse effects of the drug, to know the time to stop if something harmful happens.

Reports on results

You still have any questions about Proviron? Leave your question even below.

If you want to leave your report. On the results obtained with Proviron, in our space for the comments below you can leave your testimony and help the next readers.